How to Increase Sales in Your Next Webinar Without Any Extra Effort?

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Congratulations!! You have already done your first webinar. Or you may even have a few already.

But there is a problem: your sales are stagnating.

You have many attendees, a great acceptance, and congratulations on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But… where is the money?

All the work you put into creating the webinar does not have the return you expected. A couple of sales for hours and hours of preparation don’t make much sense.

What you want is to multiply your results by 2. And not even that. You want to multiply your previous results by 3.

You don’t want to make little jumps. You want to take the leap that your business needs.

Do not give it more laps. There are ideas you can implement today to triple your revenue on your next webinar.

And I, who have done more webinars than I can remember, I can tell you some.

1. Create the same webinar at two different times

What are you going to do double work for? Instead of creating two webinars, put two different dates on it. You will take advantage of the preparation of that webinar to attack a much higher percentage of the public.

You can put the webinar at two different times on the same day or on different days. And don’t let this practice surprise you, as it is becoming more and more common.

Think about it. If you have audiences from Latin America and Spain, wouldn’t it make sense to add two schedules? One adapted to each audience.

The results can be multiplied by simple arithmetic: if you put a date and there are x attendees, at least there will be 1.5x attendees with two different schedules.

From there you will increase your sales if the webinar is paid or you will get more subsequent sales through it.

And, in case the results are not brilliant, at least you will achieve greater visibility by doing the same 2 times.

Multiply your webinars. Multiply your income.

 2. Offer (or Not) a replay of the webinar

Both offering replay and not offering it can be two valid techniques to triple your results. Let’s see why:

Offer the replay: if you do it (for a very limited time) you can re-engage people who did not attend for any reason. And if within that webinar you present a training course, ebook, or any paid service, you can get some more sales. Of course, the replay must expire early because otherwise, it will end up not being seen.

Don’t offer replay: Some American marketers are more aggressive and don’t offer replays. For example, the well-known Ramit Sethi directly tells you “ you have to attend because this is not recorded. Either you are there or you are not and you miss it. The urgency and the feeling of ” I’m going to miss it ” can increase the attention and the number of attendees.

My recommendation with this topic is that you try both techniques. And after doing so, you just have to analyze the data and see which of the two works best for you.

In the end, the important thing is to maximize the attention on the webinar. No matter how you do it, you just have to prevent people from going to something else. If they do, they won’t buy.

3. Concentrate on your communication efforts

You have to get the most out of a webinar. There is no use creating the best in the world if-then hardly anyone attends and you lose all the visibility and possible sales that you could get.

You have to concentrate all your communication efforts in the week before the webinar. For example, a sequence of emails to your email list could be the following:

Webinar Article: An article on your blog that talks about the webinar and encourage your readers to sign up. Ask your contacts to share it.
Newsletter: send your newsletter with the article and some additional extras for your subscribers.
Reminder: about 3-4 days before the webinar, send another email to your list making a small teaser of what you are going to show. Let them taste it, but don’t let them see it.
Final reminder: the day before, days before, he reminds again that there are almost no places, that capacity is limited, and that something spectacular is going to be missed.
It’s about to start: the same day of the webinar you send a reminder email and include a PDF or some document to write down, fill in or do something during the webinar.

If you stayed in a single email or in two you would lose 50% of the records. Work on your email marketing and take advantage of your list.

There are some programs that do these actions automatically, such as Clickfunnel. If you do it for free or with other tools, you will have no choice but to do it manually.

4. Work affiliation

The affiliation, as long as the webinar is paid or has a product to sell inside, is an exceptional way to spread a webinar. Keep in mind that you will be able to reach the subscribers of many collaborating bloggers.

Of course, you have to do it in time to organize the dates. Bloggers have their own businesses, their calendar, and a very agenda. Very tight. Don’t try to get them to promote your webinar by giving them 3 days notice.

It does not matter that you are going to lose a percentage of your income from the affiliate commission. Keep in mind that all that money is money that you would not see if it were not for them. If you win 50% of a sale it is always better than not selling anything.

5. Create Ads on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an ideal tool to promote a webinar. If you also have a remarketing audience created through your blog (something that I recommend you already have), you could improve your results even more.

I know many companies that offer free webinars and spend hundreds of euros on Facebook Ads promotion and even on Adwords. And you might think that it is a useless expense to promote something free, but not much less.

If in a free webinar they end up presenting you with a € 2,000 training program, things change. In fact, with a couple of sales, most cover the ad spend.

6. Advertise the webinar wherever you go

LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook groups are 3 great (and free!) Places to maximize your webinar reach. Or a talk at an entrepreneur event. Or your own Facebook profile. Or by sending emails to acquaintances.

Does not matter. Spread the webinar wherever you go. Become your best salesperson. Let everyone know that you have organized the webinar.

Don’t be lazy anymore

Stop thinking about it. Abandon those techniques to create webinars that don’t work for you and that frustrate you because you don’t get results.

It is time to triple your income. It’s time to hit the five figures. Jump in now or watch while others get it. You choose.

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