What is Marketing Automation?

The automation of marketing is a vital process in developing a project of inbound marketing; it requires the use of various software tools to carry out specific actions that would be difficult to carry out manually. This is one of the most important assets in inbound marketing and, at the same time, one of the most complex to implement in any campaign.

Marketing automation allows organizations with large databases of potential customers to qualify them automatically (lead scoring) through the creation and distribution of content according to the buyer persona and the stage in which the buyer is, so they can educate them and create the desired interaction (lead nurturing).

Automation makes it easy to control all marketing actions. It is an efficient way to monitor the effectiveness of our inbound campaign. I invite you to continue reading to learn more about it!

Benefits of marketing automation

Developing a marketing automation process brings great benefits to the company that develops it, I have already mentioned the first one that refers to the management of automatic actions that, if carried out manually, would force us to invest many man-hours in developing them. With automation, you can use that precious time to accomplish other important tasks.

Efficiency is another benefit obtained with marketing automation because operating costs are reduced. Goodbye to those tedious manual tasks that I referred to in the previous paragraph.

The control marketing activities we develop in an inbound marketing campaign is another benefit. It is what allows us to know what we are doing and what is the impact of those actions on our strategy.

It also influences the process of contact nutrition or lead nurturing by bringing benefits in the distribution of that wonderful content that has been created to delight your audience through the delivery of emails with relevant information, to the right prospect and according to the stage of purchase where they are.

It also helps in the automatic detection of those contacts that have gone through the nutrition process and have a high status given through the qualification of contacts or lead scoring that indicates that they are ready to receive a commercial offer according to their profile, behavior, and interaction with the company.

Marketing automation and its applications

The marketing automation process influences three areas of importance to any inbound marketing strategy. The main three are:

Commitment to the product

The commitment or engagement has to do with the interest that a current or potential client has with a commercial offer of a certain product or service.

Automatic email

This technique consists of sending emails designed under a strategy that takes into account the different profiles of the contacts in a database. The idea is to send them the right information and at the right time related to commercial offers of the products or services offered by a brand or also to make it known and how it can help solve their needs.

One of the advantages of automatic emailing is the ease with which all emails can be automated so that they are always being sent at the right time, and the other is the possibility of designing several email campaigns that work simultaneously with The objective of increasing the efficiency and degree of contact conversion.


Reclosing or re-engagement consists of keeping the interest of contacts turned into customers alive in the advances in current products or services, in addition to those that have been created recently.

It also serves to awaken those contacts who are “asleep” in our database, who have stopped using a certain platform or who have not been contacted for a long time to qualify them and verify if they are suitable or are in a purchase process with the brand.

Both techniques are part of the lead nurturing process.

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