Martech: Integrating Marketing and Technology

Martech or marketing technology is a concept that groups both marketing and technology under the same approach. Specifically, it refers to the use of technological tools and platforms to make the management of the marketing team much more proactive.

These technological tools are used for optimal management of users who interact with a brand, measurement of new opportunities, and their respective results.

The use of applied technology in marketing can go much further. From the management of the client relationship through the implementation of a CRM, through the management of the business relationship to business intelligence.

Tools involved in marketing technology

The efforts of the marketing team grow over time and with them so do the technology platforms. These tools are focused on increasing their productivity and making them more efficient through the optimization of their processes.

Some of them are:

One of the advantages that we find during the execution of a digital marketing plan is the possibility of having endless tools for the creation and programming of online advertisements.

General and specific ads, everything necessary to reach or attract those users of interest to be converted into potential customers.

The use of these platforms becomes more efficient with the use of databases built from other information collection platforms such as social networks, digital forms, among others.


Automation is a critical part of managing any process within the marketing department.

Here technology is essential because the development of effective automation tools rewards those responsible for the marketing department achieving each of their goals through process automation.

They do this by automating the segmentation of potential customers, marketing processes, and integration between platforms to obtain important data.

Customer Experience

Another advantage of grouping marketing and technology is the possibility of knowing the level of the customer experience through different digital platforms.

This has been achieved thanks to the fact that these digital platforms are technological innovations that have allowed us, among many things, to establish and expand the collection of specific data between different channels.

Some of those channels are automated chats, databases on social networks or emails, and websites.

Near future of martech

The range of possibilities offered by the martech goes further and that near future is just around the corner.

Internet of Things, mobile technologies and the expansion of experiences through dedicated content for each smart device are some of the trends that have gained the most power among customer management.

However, something that will not change, but will be maintained and reinforced will be Big Data, the use of massive and large-scale data from millions of users around the world.

If technology is the future, big data is the way that will help in understanding the needs of potential clients.

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