One Funnel Away Challenge Review

This article highlights the basic points on what One Funnel Away Challenge is and how someone can use this platform to boost their sales and business to a wider online audience through easy practices and exercises that helps people who might not have a broader knowledge on the subject of how online sales businesses work. It showcases the best strategies that apply in terms of having the best result with minimal cost and greater profits.

One Funnel Away Challenge Highlights

  • It is the best program to learn about sales funnels from the ground up and how to manage them.
  • It provides the best value-to-money challenge program and is considered one of the best sources for learning about building an online business.
  • It has helped thousands of people to launch their first sales channels and market their products to their maximum capacity.
  • It provides support and mentorship for all individuals of the program through quick and instant feedback availability.
  • It has no extra cost other than the initial fees people signup with.
  • Access to private Facebook groups leads to a supporting community of other like-minded people growing their own businesses.
  • It provides material and training videos with practices that can be used on platforms such as ClickFunnels to help get started working on real world production funnels.

What is One Funnel Away challenge?

Launched by Russell Brunson in 2018, this One Funnel Away Challenge attempts to help people identify why some people were struggling to find success with their products despite doing the necessary means to accomplish their target but failing to reach their goal. The One Funnel Challenge introduces steps to make the process of sales easy that can be taken and put into practice to identify on what they need to do to grow their business.

The One Funnel Away Challenge explained

The One Funnel Challenge is a 30-day program that teaches people how to lead, market or launch their own products to generate sales or help boost existing sale through easy and highly profitable sale funnels. These challenges that are conducted through training videos, seminars and live coaching provide information on the best practices that can be applied immediately to one’s business to improve and develop knowledge on how to market a product.

The One Funnel Away Challenge – An Honest Review


One Funnel Challenge works best because it provides straight-to-the-point and cohesive training on sales funnels which helps in building a brand to market to a wider online audience. With the help of these training videos, routine daily challenges, support groups and the availability of mentors, it is the best way to know the entire workarounds of an online business, especially for someone who is new to digital platforms and want to dive in the fast-growing online business environment.

What’s new in the One Funnel Away Challenge for 2021?

One Funnel Away Challenge for 2021 introduces new concepts and instant feedback availability option that aims to provide people with instant constructive criticism on what they might be doing wrong in handling their business and sales. While also having accessibility to new training videos that also includes live seminar and QAs of past OFA alumnus to get a better understanding of how the One Funnel Away Challenge helped them and what strategic decisions they had to make to improve their own business.

One Funnel Challenge Work PDF

OFA Work Book

The One Funnel Challenge Work PDF or “OnePager” which it is now called, are provided as digital eBook material to people taking the challenge to help them keep track of each session and daily challenges with self-written notes, which can be cross referenced later in order to maintain the knowledge they have gathered and pinpoint exact information they need. This way, it allows them to preserve what they have learned during those challenges and apply them later when they use it for themselves.

Do I have to use ClickFunnels for the One Funnel Away Challenge?

No, you are not required to use ClickFunnels for One Funnel Away Challenge since ClickFunnels is a separate platform where you manage and launch your sales funnels for production use, while One Funnel Away is the training challenge program that helps you understand the process of those funnels and how to use them. While they are sperate, it can be used interchangeably since the knowledge you learn from One Funnel Away can be directly applied in ClickFunnels if you want to use that platform as your main sales funnel gateway. There are many alternatives to manage sale funnels, but ClickFunnels is seen as one of the best options to use as your main sales funnel.

One Funnel Away Challenge Results

The best people to know to get an idea if One Funnel Away Challenge helps and promises the results it shows are from its previous alumnus which can be found on the website’s success stories page. Many students of the challenge have gone on to build their own multimillion dollar businesses using the basic principles and practices that are thought in this challenge program. The result can vary from going to a mailing list of 100 subscribers to 5,000 subscribers in a month or going from $0 sales to $100,000 sales within a year of the start of the business.

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge hard?

One Funnel Away is pretty challenging since you have to complete daily exercises, learn how to manage and make sales funnel from scratch, be accountable for your mistakes, work in study groups and keep your OnePager up-to-date so you don’t miss on out anything that might be important later in the training course. People who sign up for One Funnel Away Challenge usually have to be committed to keep learning the funnel designs systems, where they have to learn about different set of tools for managing and marketing different areas of a business. It is generally advised that people give extra hours each day to commit to this schedule in order to comprehend and understand all of the information that is being given in the sessions.

How long does the One Funnel Away Challenge last?

One Funnel Away Road Map

The One Funnel Away Challenge last for around 30 days and it tries to teach you everything it can in that timeframe. The ability to go from a complete beginner to launching and handling your own first sales funnel in such a small amount time is immense. The 30-day time is not only important for the program but it also expects the individual to be committed and keep learning so he may retain everything they have practiced within the course in the allotted time. It is estimated that every individual who goes through the One Funnel Away Challenge usually retains about 90% of all the knowledge he gains by the end of the challenge, which is truly noteworthy because it shows that they are producing results within those 30 days.

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth it for the price in respect to all the value it gives. You not only get the best training videos, coaching and mentorship but also get hands-on experience with constructive real-world projects that helps you understand the whole process of building an online business and handling of sales all in one place. This program also include links to private Facebook group where you can find a community of people working and helping each other through their own experience, which is the best way to connect with people who might have experience in the same field you might be interested in getting into.

What’s the next One Funnel Away Challenge date?

Registration for the next One Funnel Away Challenge starts at the end of the month with the next date being June 27th for the month of July. Each individual signs up and is provided with the basic material he or she will need through the 30-day challenge program and links to private groups and other resources will be send via messages or email of the respective individual accounts. One Funnel Away Challenge is single best sales funnel and marketing program that gives a simple signup options with little to no extra charge instead of the initial fees a person signs up with and the knowledge it gives.



Who is One Funnel Away Challenge for?

One Funnel Away Challenge is for people who are committed to grow their own business and boost sales of their products through industry used standard practices and techniques. It requires a lot of hard work and a passion for learning the process of the whole business development method to fully utilize the challenge’s teachings and apply it in their own decision making relating to the marketability of their product. One Funnel Away Challenge is not only for beginners but industry veterans can also benefit from the information it provides as it is a continually updating program that brings in new ideas from all over the industry to ensure each individual walks away with new strategies and ideas about how to use these funnels to help them maximize their sales

Who is One Funnel Away Challenge NOT for?

One Funnel Away Challenge is not for people who are looking to have a basic idea or are generally trying to play the catch-up game without making any efforts that shows they want to achieve their goals through proper discipline and commitment. For one to have success in the dynamic environment of an online business, they have to be prepared to face tasks and do what is necessary for the business and not shy away in the face of challenges that may occur during this time.

What are the One Funnel Away Challenges bonuses?

The One Funnel Away Challenge provides some basic bonuses for people who sign up to help them get started with the training program and make things easier for them to understand as they go along in this 30-day course. These bonuses might be:

  1. The “30 Days” 550 Page Digital eBook & PDF
  2. “One Pager” Digital Workbooks for the “One Funnel Away” Challenge!
  3. An MP3 player with the full audio version of the original One Funnel Away Challenges

Are there any One Funnel Away Share Funnels?

Yes, One Funnel Away share funnels are available to any individual who has signed up for the program and is added to the private Facebook group. They can share their funnels through ClickFunnels, which is known as a copy funnel or a duplicate funnel, and see the process of different funnels and manage them with their own accounts.

When is the next One Funnel Away Challenge?

Anyone who misses the signup for One Funnel Away Challenge can register for the next 30-day program which opens about every two weeks. The next latest starting date to sign up is June 25, 2021 and will being for the month of July.

Will you be able to access the Facebook group after 30 days?

The private Facebook group of each 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge is created with the started of each program and is shut down at the end of each challenge. But these groups are then put into archives so that everyone is still able to access the information of the group and any training videos or practices they want to retrieve.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Price – How much does it cost?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the best price-to-value course one could find with the initial fees only being $100 to sign up and which includes all the basic material that are required for the challenge. There is also a subscription for people who might also want physical form of the materials that they want to use, which adds a little up to $19.95 for people in the US and $29.95 for people living outside the states which covers the shipping costs. Besides these charges, there are no additional fees or continuation fees, people can also sign up for the next challenge if they want but their subscriptions are cancelled after the first 30-days challenge is done without automatic renewals.

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