What is a Webinar and What is it For?

In the era in which we live, probably webinar is one of the most used terms.

Although many people have discovered in times of pandemic the advantages that a webinar offers, the truth is that it is a very powerful resource in the digital entrepreneurship sector that some of us have been using for many years.

And not only that. What do you think if I tell you that webinars help me attract potential clients and I sell my products through webinars?

Have you thought about it from that perspective?

I explain how and why.

Stay with this idea: a webinar is a tool that you can use to convey the value proposition of your product or service.

What is a webinar?

The term webinar is a neologism that arises from the union of the words web and seminar. Hence webinar.

A webinar is content in an audiovisual version whose objective is educational, practical, and didactic.

Within this content, there is room for various formats such as a course, talk, workshop, demonstration, conference, seminar, etc.

Therefore, a webinar is more about the content and format than the technique itself.

To create a webinar, you need a device equipped with a camera (computer, smartphone, etc.), microphone and speakers (those built into the equipment also work) and an Internet connection.

For broadcasting, today there are numerous software applications that offer numerous added resources, such as chat, the possibility of recording it, etc.

Why do a webinar?

A webinar is a piece of content in which an expert on a specific topic offers explanations to the rest.

The theme and objectives of the webinars are completely free and are normally used to:

  • Explain how a tool, resource, or program is used.
  • The way to use a certain product.
  • The explanation of the context on a topic.
  • As a substitute for an online class.
  • A master class on a specific topic.

Although a priori it seems that a webinar and a tutorial can be the same, they are different products.

In a webinar, several people connect simultaneously and whoever teaches it can share resources from their screen and solve the doubts of the attendees at the moment.

A webinar can be recorded and edited to later become a tutorial, but not all tutorials are webinars.

Most webinars are integrated into an inbound marketing strategy and can become a strategic tool, due to the many opportunities they generate:

  • Make yourself known
  • Get Exposure
  • Position yourself in your niche
  • Get leads
  • Sales

On the other hand, a webinar can be done live and direct or through a video recorded and broadcast at a pre-established time.

The first option is very interesting as it offers great potential for interaction.

As you can see, a webinar allows you to humanize your brand; gives you a voice and image in front of your audience. It allows you to meet with your target audience, listen to them and discuss topics of common interest.

A webinar allows you to share valuable content: in a dynamic, close and different format .

What are the advantages of a webinar?

If we think of the webinar from the perspective of you as a content creator and in charge of your own digital business, the webinar becomes a powerful tool that you cannot miss.

And it offers you numerous advantages :


A webinar will allow you to reach people who do not yet know you or are not part of your community.

Keep in mind that in a webinar you can perform the same activity as in a one-to-one session, but you can have tens, hundreds or thousands of people connected at the same time.

In addition, crossed with online advertising strategies, can trigger the records of your proposed online session.


In terms of conversion, a webinar can become the perfect tool to attract potential clients.

In the webinar, you will demonstrate what you can do for them, in one-to-one sessions.

If you are able to demonstrate the transformative power of your offer to them, you will have an open path to launch your product or service for sale.

The first step in which you have taught them what you could do or they could achieve with your help, you have already won.


The webinar is probably one of the most effective ways to reach your community, be it small or large, and add value to them, demonstrating your expertise in your area.

Also, think that it allows you to interact directly with those users (potential clients), which helps to establish intense and lasting relationships.


Telling a specific aspect of your area of ​​activity and your experience will make you position yourself as an expert in front of your audience.

And that positioning could revert to sales.


By establishing a very direct relationship with your audience, through the added resources offered by the webinar (chats, audio or videoconference), it is possible to detect their needs and solve their doubts or problems with your potential customers and break down the barriers of objections.


A webinar is a very flexible resource since it allows you to place calls to action to keep in touch with customers and send them other content and even commercial offers.


An additional advantage that the webinar offers is that it allows you to take advantage of content in different formats and applications.

With the information generated with it, you can create articles with which to feed your blog, energize your profiles on social networks with high-quality posts that add value.

You can also create content in other formats, such as presentations, downloadable, guides, ebooks, infographics …


Even if you do the webinar with a paid tool, it is still much cheaper than a face-to-face event.

Analyze everything that you save in money, time, management, and other expenses.

You do not need to rent a space to celebrate the event, implement a complex registration system, transfers, allowances, materials, equipment … and add on and on with the long list.

In the webinar, however, you can give access to thousands of people simultaneously, in a more effective way.

Types of webinar

Two types of the webinar are fundamentally different:

  • the educational ones
  • those that are part of a marketing strategy

Webinars can be used as part of an online educational format.

In this case, they are linked to online training and are used to offer classes remotely, while facilitating the participation and interaction of attendees with different resources.

There is another case, very much in use in recent years, which is to use webinars as a tool within a marketing strategy.

Thus, the webinar is a piece of an inbound marketing strategy and seeks to attract, educate or delight prospects and potential customers.

Regarding the price, free or paid webinars can be organized.

Proposing a free webinar allows you to offer your content more widely to a target audience. Reach more audiences and attract users who are really interested in the services or products that your brand offers.

In this way, you can offer a free webinar and at the end offer a product or service.

In the case of paid webinars, on some occasions and for loyal audiences, courses, or groups already formed, it may be advisable to organize a paid webinar.

As you can see, it is a tool full of opportunities.

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